Woolfe Alpha & Beta Demo is LIVE!

September 30th, 2014

The Kickstarter might be over, but development has not stopped… even better, we have just pushed out our first playable demo for our Alpha and Beta Backers.


What’s in the Woolfe Beta?

Included in the Beta is the actual demo showcased on Gamescom 2014. It consists of 3 fragments extracted from the game to give a basic idea of what Woolfe TRHD is all about, gameplay and environment wise… This demo will contain bugs, imperfections and performance issues. This demo is stripped of many features like GUI, combo and weapons upgrades, achievements, story & character unlockables, etc,… Also many elements are still under development and subject to improvement, including but not limited to: animations, sound fx, music, character control, fight mechanics, cut-scenes,…


The levels included in this demo are not considered to be levels of the final game. They are extracts from current levels in development upgraded to a point we feel comfortable with sharing with a selected audience.

The Sewer Side
This demo level is focused on environmental puzzles, it has no fighting.

Meaner Pastures
Basic hack & slash combined with platforming. Our fight mechanics are under heavy re-construction and because the combo upgrade system could not be integrated in this short demo, it does not show the full potential of what is underway.

Heavy Metal
This is one of the first levels we created. You will notice it is more 2D than the former ones, it will be upgraded to have more depth. Apart from that it does illustrate the “retro” platforming feel we are integrating.

What’s in the Woolfe Alpha?

Just like the Beta, the Alpha also includes the Woolfe Gamescom Demo, but we also included a second demo playable for you to test…

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ScreenshotSaturday 27September2014

September 27th, 2014

screenshotsaturday SEPT

It’s been a while since we posted a screenshot of our current work in progress… enjoy!



September 15th, 2014

The Jury had a TERRIBLE time with so much WONDERFUL fan art!


The last week Davy Penasse (Lead 3D artist) and Bram Sels (Concept Artist) have been going through over 50 beautiful works of art made by our fans.

It is amazing to see so much talent among them, but… it also made the selection process very difficult with only room for 10 fan masterpieces in our art book. The selection made by the judges is based on: professionalism (quality), originality, composition, detail, atmosphere, lighting,… We received some work in similar art styles, selection between these submissions was the most difficult as we wanted to show as much visually different work as possible.

Again, we would like to thank everyone that entered the competition! We are truly honored by your passion and skill. If you are not selected here, it does not mean we don’t love your work… the quality of submissions is so much higher than we could ever have hoped for… THANK YOU! You will all receive a free copy of the game! The winners will also receive a physical copy of the Woolfe Art Book.


The winners in random order:

  • Natasha G (USA)
  • Jonathan C. (Italy)
  • Ana S. (Venezuela)
  • Lino D. (Belgium)
  • Fernando A. (Argentina)
  • Vendl N. (Russia)
  • Kaddson (Russia)
  • Kitsune A. (Argentina)
  • Karel D.H. (Belgium)
  • Helena M. (Russia)

NEW CONTEST: Public favorites

We realize the results of this selection will trigger mixed emotions, even within our own team we could not always agree with the judges choice…  so we decided to add an extra category: the public favorites!

We’re adding 3 more works to the art book. You get to decide which ones!

Visit our Facebook album “ARTBOOK FAN ART CONTEST 2014” and like your favorite Fan Art Images. The images with the most likes that are not already included in our own selection will also be added to the Woolfe Art Book.
Make sure to hit that “LIKE” button before Friday September 19th, 12 pm CEST (3 am PDT). All votes registered after that deadline will be discarded. We will announce the winners that same day, so the lucky three can celebrate over the weekend!




Concept art contest (Twitch)

September 8th, 2014


Last week we did a fun livestream on Twitch, counting down to the end of our Kickstarter campaign. Nearly 2000 viewers joined us for this festive two hour broadcast, which was really cool. During the stream, we read some story, designed some levels and… had one of our artists create a live concept art sketch. Which we threw in as a giveaway to those who could answer the following question:

Why did we name the city in the Woolfe universe ‘Ulrica’?

Many contestants replied that it was because Woolfe Senior named the city after his wife. That was indeed why HE named the city so. But WE chose Ulrica because this woman’s name means “Power of the Wolf / Wolf Ruler / Wolf power”. We admit is was a tricky one, but hey: we did receive four correct answers, so it wasn’t impossible 🙂


We let GRIN’s most innocent hands (the girls’ hands, obviously) draw a name out of these four and are happy to announce The Winner:

Emma Piconnet, you will soon be the proud proprietor of this one of a kind piece of Woolfe art. Make some room on your wall!

Congrats to Emma and thanks everyone for playing, and for joining our livestream last week!


September 8th, 2014


And we, that’s you and us, obviously. Your support has been heartwarming: thanks, a thousand times thanks for being our cheer squad, our backers, our help line, our inspiration and our motivation to make Woolfe the best we possibly can. This past month has been an amazing journey, but -frankly- we’re also glad we’ve reached the finish of this marathon. Time to get some sleep, and to get back to what we do best: making games. We’ve got a deadline to make. And a lot of magic to pour into the project!

Missed our Twitch?

We’ve just finished a two hour livestream on Twitch,where we celebrated the final Kickstarter countdown with our fans. You couldn’t make it? No worries, you can watch the entire ‘party’ online soon. Check it out if you’re up for some Woolfe exclusives, such as previously unreleased gameplay, some live concept drawing, level design and environment creation and a highly exclusive story introduction. As for the giveaway… sorry, folks, that ship has sailed 🙂

Follow-up for backers 

Over the past few days, we’ve received a lot of questions concerning pledges and add-ons. As already mentioned in the comments, we will launch a survey after the campaign closes, for follow-up of your contributions and rewards. We’ll be working with shopstarter.com for this. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Paypal closing time 

Despite popular demand, our Paypal will close along with the Kickstarter campaign. We’re just too small a team to keep dividing our attention between the game and the support and logistics that come with keeping the account up and running. BUT… we understand that you all want to lay your hands on our beautiful hardcover artbook the posters and deluxe box, so we’ve decided to open an online store in the near future. If you’d like us to keep you posted on that, follow our Facebook page or subscribe to the mailinglist at woolfegame.com.

So. This is it.

We thank you again.

We’re a happy team.

And you’re the coolest fans, ever!

Woolfe RPG

September 2nd, 2014

The tabletop is an expansion of the Woolfe universe you explore in the digital game. While playing the tabletop version you will notice that both games are in some way compatible with one another. The main story is the same, but there are additional side stories for the new characters and for some elements which you might have noticed in the Red Hood Diaries.


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Woolfe Fan Art Contest

August 26th, 2014

Over the course of our game’s development we’ve been getting quite a few great fan art submissions. We really love that! It’s very inspiring to see your interpretations of our Red Riding Hood. For the final 9 days of our kickstarter campaign we have decided to organise a contest for all you creatives out there!


The contest details:

Create a personal artwork inspired by “Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries” or one of its characters. We encourage you to create something using your own distinct art style. Be original!

Start – End date / time:

The contest starts August 26th and ends September 4th, 2014 at 5pm CEST. Winners will be announced on Friday 12 September 2014 via our website (www.WoolfeGame.com and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WoolfeGame)

The Prize:

Best selected artworks (maximum 10) will be included in our artbook (digital and physical). Owners of selected artworks will receive a copy of the artbook (digital and physical) free of charge.

The Jury:

Bram Sels (Concept artist)

Davy Penasse (Lead 3D artist)

The Rules:

Artworks can be submitted until the end of contest date and time. Submissions can be physical or digital. For digital submissions a minimum resolution 3000 x 3000 pixels is required. Multiple entries are allowed, but only one work per artist can be selected by the jury.


(Don’t forget to add your name and country for the credits)

Send digital artwork to: info@woolfegame.com

Send physical artwork to:

GRIN Gamestudio

Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26

B-2060 Antwerp



The artwork must be made by you. You hold and keep the copyright for your work. The artwork must be original and not break any copyright laws. We reserve the right to publish your artwork via online media. You grant us permission to include your artwork in our artbook (digital and/or physical). You allow us the use your work for promotional and other purposes. You allow us to sell your artwork, for example, as part of the artbook. You will not claim copyright fees for the usage and distribution of your work.


Twitch Q&A

August 25th, 2014

Yesterday we did a Twitch Live stream to answer some questions you might have… It was the first live stream we’ve ever done, so some parts may be a bit slow, but there were a few interesting questions we tried to answer.

Let’s Play Woolfe (85% FUNDED)

August 24th, 2014

Want to know the craziest thing that happened to us at Gamescom?

The last day, 20 minutes before the end of the event a guy with a mask visited our booth. He told us he backed our game and said he really liked where we’re going with our non-indie-ish design of the game. Turns out it was “Gronkh“… WTH? Germany’s biggest Tuber… Check him on FB and Youtube! We sent him the first steam key to download our Gamescom demo… let’s see what happens… *shitting our pants for the possible reactions*

Here it is, hot off the press, released a few minutes ago (in German):

After that, we started sending out some more keys to selected press and let’s players. The results are starting to appear and it’s very heartwarming to see their first impressions…

Check out some of these “Let’s Players” having Woolfe demo fun:

English (DAZ GAMES): 

German (TRASHTAZMANI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX3P4Zh51CE

Italian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ald8vcofX4M

French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKXd0hMbgiM

LIVE Q&A Twitch stream – Reddit AMA

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking us to do a Twitch stream to show off some of the Woolfe gameplay from our Gamescom demo and give you guys and girls a chance to talk to the developers. Yesterday we did a quick test and I think we’re ready!

We’ll do our first LIVE Q&A broadcast on:

Sunday 24th at: 9h30 PM CET / 12h30 PM PDT

Follow the Woolfe Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/WoolfeGame

Reddit: Ask Me Anything!

Right after our Twitch stream we’ll also do a Reddit AMA on http://www.reddit.com/r/IAMA/ This should start at about: 10h30 PM CET / 13h30 PM PDT also Sunday the 24th of August

Remember: only Backers get an in-game Toy Soldier!

Some people may not realize it, but by backing Woolfe you are in a way becoming part of the game. Every backer gets their own Toy Soldier to customize and improve and we will not be allowing the creation of more Toy Soldiers after our Kickstarter! Your Soldier will be one of the enemies that every single player of Woolfe will be fighting…


You can get additional game keys for your friends who might not have a credit card for just $9.00

Localisation by Fans!

We’ve started getting some fans that are really taking the time to help us out. Here are some video’s with subtitles made by the community! THANK YOU!!!

Russian substitles (by WarmDimensions):

Spanish subtitles (by: Be March):

By the way, if you’re doing anything special to help us out too, let us know! We’ll love you forever and put you in the spotlight too!

Physical Rewards???

Yessss!!! As soon as we reach 100% We don’t want to cut in the development budget 🙂


August 20th, 2014

The rollercoaster called Gamescom!

We know, we’re late with our update… It has been a very intense, but amazing week for us! This was the first time we showed Woolfe to a larger audience and… OMG you guys and girls were too kind. Thank you so much for all the compliments we received! (see more Gamescom pics on our Facebook page)

We’ve been talking to press and gamers all day from 9 am to 8 pm, 5 days in a row and every night we fixed the small issues and bugs we found by day… needless to say, we were knackered towards the end… Monday we took some well deserved rest, but also found time to make this small video recap of our players reactions.

Some Gamescom stats:

  • 10.000 flyers handed out
  • 5.000 posters given to fans
  • 1.780 fans played the demo
  • 36 backers greeted and rewarded with a special present 🙂

Next Update?

The response to our Woolfe tabletop RPG proposal was great. We’re finalizing the last details and getting ready to post more information about the free tabletop game we plan to give all $20+ backers in our next update! Just for fun we created some metal 3D prints of a 4, 6, 8 and 10 sided dice for the RPG. Every dice is themed after one of the levels of our Woolfe game.

Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) / Twitch Q&A. We did this for our Steam Greenlight campaign and it was great and are going to do it for our Kickstarter fans too. We’re thinking of an AMA on Reddit or a Q&A on Twitch, but other suggestions are open. Just let us know!

While you’re waiting…

We promise our next update will be sooner but while you’re waiting, check out these other Kickstarter projects we’ve backed ourselves. If you like Woolfe, we think you will like these too… 🙂

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