Woolfe RPG

September 2nd, 2014

The tabletop is an expansion of the Woolfe universe you explore in the digital game. While playing the tabletop version you will notice that both games are in some way compatible with one another. The main story is the same, but there are additional side stories for the new characters and for some elements which you might have noticed in the Red Hood Diaries.


The protagonist of the story is, no surprise, Red Riding Hood. This eighteen year old girl seeks vengeance for the death of her father who slaved his life away at Woolfe Industries. The girl has spirit, but she can’t do it all on her own. After all, Woolfe has an entire army at his disposal to protect him. There is a small resistance group active in the city known as the Howling Wolves. They hear of her intentions and send her a secret message, offering their assistance.

Their goal is simple: protect Red and help her end Woolfe’s reign of terror. She is a new hope for the resistance to get closer to the tyrant and take him down. It is easier to slip past the guards since Red is the only one who doesn’t have a price on her head… or at least for now.

The three resistance members Red meets up with are Mr. Hog, Robin Hood and Merlin.

  • Red Riding Hood is an eighteen year old girl who grew up in the forest under the watchful eye of her grandmother who trained her to be more of an amazon than a well-mannered lady. At the age of fourteen she lost her father to a tragic, but most mysterious accident at Woolfe Industries. She blames Woolfe for the loss of her father and ruined childhood. Red leaves the safe forest behind to investigate what really happened to her father. Granny warns her, telling her she needs help on her quest, that there are those who would join her cause inside the city walls.
  • Mr. Hog is an enormous man and is the proprietor of the Three Pigs’ Inn. Don’t let his fat belly fool you though, for this former farmer and lumberjack has the strength of an ox. Mr. Hog swore that he would one day avenge his fallen brothers. He serves as a first line of defense to protect Red and the others. His broad body is the perfect shield to block the way for enemies.
  • Robin Hood, a young woman with a rugged appearance who came to the city to help the poor and needy. She has been on the run for the law ever since she first crossed Woolfe by stealing money from one of his vaults and distributed it among the paupers in the slums. Robin has a personal vendetta with the Plague Brothers who run the ghetto and black market. Equipped with bow and arrow she is an excellent sniper to take down enemies from a greater distance. Her quick reflexes have gotten her out of many sticky situations.
  • Merlin is rumored to be the leader of the Howling Wolves, although nobody knows for certain who leads the rebels. The old man used to be Woolfe’s late father’s right-hand councilor and the voice of the people. Young Woolfe Junior, the one who turned the city in a cesspool of sin, refused to heed the advice of the senior citizen and instead put a price on his head. Even though he may be a wanted man, he refuses to leave the city he worked so hard for behind. He says he will restore it to its former glory… or die trying. Merlin, a wise sage, can use spells to keep enemies at bay and protect his allies.

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