January 30th, 2015

Hi there, you early access birds!

Okay… day 4 on Early Access, and what a rollercoaster it has been. We want to thank each and everyone of you for buying, liking, sharing our Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries. For reviewing it, for giving us feedback – you’ve been a tremendous help, really.

Please report all issues here: We’re on a mission to answer and process your questions and remarks as fast as we can (finger cramp!).


Change log: 

You probably noticed we pushed out a few quick-fix updates already, but we’ve also been doing some larger upgrades and fixes. Here is an overview of the most noticeable things we’ve been working on the past few days.

Pied Piper Boss-fight:

  • Fixed: errors in PP turn when RRH gets kicked off the platform
  • Fixed: RRH input control during PP start cinematic

Environment bugs:

  • Collision fixes in tutorial rooftops
  • Collision fixes in sewers
  • Harbour secret decor cleaned
  • Tutorial ledge tooltip fixed
  • Fixed secrets in crates
  • Market carriage rope fixed
  • Market carriage jump-cheat fixed
  • Market doors lock fixed
  • Floating rock near secret fixed
  • Woods chase reset fixed
  • Woods secret fixed
  • Woods holes in decor fixed

GUI / Menu:

  • Tooltip upgrade
  • Skip cinematic indicator
  • Keyboard input customization fix
  • Bug reporter fix
  • Music added


  • No more level clipping when dying
  • Less camera clipping (ex: sewers ceiling)
  • Damage volume interval fixed (Pied Piper boss-fight)
  • Removed combo level-up visual from early levels
  • Default difficulty marked as ‘coming soon’
  • Default language marked as ‘coming soon’
  • Subtitles marked as ‘coming soon’
  • Checkpoints fixed
  • Missing guards fixed
  • Remaining damage volumes in Pied Piper battle fixed

PS: A lot of people have been asking us about the subtitles… No worries, we’re on it! Integration of the English subtitles starts next week on Monday.

S.O.S. Boss Fight: join us on Twitch!

For those who are interested: we’ll be doing a live brainstorm on Twitch next tuesday about a very specific area in the Sewer Side level:


Looks familiar? Well, what’s to come here is a first encounter with the Pied Piper. Yes, a boss fight.

Call for help:
What do you think would be cool gameplay mechanics and ingredients to use for a boss fight featuring the Pied Piper at this underground location? If you have some spare time over the weekend, have a look at the scene, write down some ideas and join us on Twitch next week to talk about it.

The topic: Sewer Side, first boss fight with Pied Piper
When: Tuesday February 3rd, 1 PM PST (10 PM CET)
Where to go:
Who to expect: Wim Wouters (the big boss), Steven Melis (the level designer) and Jelle Voet and Yana Roggeman (the programmers)

All other bugs, issues, questions remain very welcome on the discussions forum. We’ll be monitoring them closely. We will try to post an update here -with progress, questions and calls for help- every tuesday and friday from now on, so stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Woolfe Pack

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  1. giltand says:

    hey folks, a comment here probably reach you faster, I submitted the request of Hungarian translation.I’m currently working as an enviroment artist here in hungary in an indie company.And me and a few of my workmates would have fun translating the game in our lunchtime in the next weeks!

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