The final sprint – Early Access

January 27th, 2015

You’ve all marked March 17th, the official release date for
Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries, in your diaries, right? Just a few weeks away from D-day, it’s all hands on deck in our studio – as you can imagine.

And -with only a small but perfectly formed team- we need all the input we can get. Especially from people looking at the game for the very first time. Are our tutorials clear to a first-time player? Do they understand where to go in the levels and what to do? We also need help in balancing out the difficulty of the game, tracking down bugs and flaws, fine-tune level design and get better stats on known issues.

So, guess what: we’re going Early Access, like… now. And we hope you’re coming with us.

Hurry over to our Steam page and get your hands on Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries right away!


Early… Say what?!

So far some 50 backers (Alpha and Beta soldiers) have playtested Woolfe and provided us with their thoughts. Awesome, but at this stage we need more eyes to scan the Woolfe universe for bugs and flaws to ensure we can fix as many as possible in time for launch. And that’s why we decided to put Woolfe up for Early Access for a few weeks, until launch.

Ready, set, go play!

Drop whatever you’re doing and book yourselves some Steam time for a city trip in Ulrica and an exciting getaway to the forest. Please leave us a note, a pat on the shoulder, a bug report or a review on how you experienced your stay in the wonder world of Woolfe. We’re dying to hear what you think.

Do keep in mind, we are still 48 days / 1,000 hours / a lot of polishing away from release. What you see (today) is not what you get (on March 17th), but… it’s getting closer every day.

Are you a Kickstarter backer?

ALL Kickstarter backers now have access to the Early Access version. Go get your key at This is where you confirmed your rewards some time ago. You should now see a new button: SHOW KEY. To all alpha and beta soldiers who have been sending us bug reports and suggestions so far: we really appreciate it, please do keep it coming! Your feedback has been instrumental so far.

New in the trailer park!

Of course we created a beautiful new trailer to support our debut on Steam Early Access and to announce the March release. Check it out, like it, share it!

As always, a thousand times thanks for your support, you rock!


The Woolfe Pack

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