18 Days till launch

February 27th, 2015

Since we were unable to provide a new build last Tuesday, we’ll have a big one today! It’s only 18 more days before the big release and it’s ‘all hands on deck’ right now. Let’s have a look at what’s coming up and what we’ve been up to, shall we?


Twitch: Live from GDC

Next Tuesday, March 3rd,  it’s time for our special edition Twitch Livestream. Wim will be meeting with press in the USA all through next week and he’ll Twitch live from GDC in San Francisco. Definitely worth checking out! Exact timing to be confirmed.

Granny, what nice voice you have!

It was great to see so many of you have casted your votes on the Granny Voice Audition. Number 4 was everyone’s favorite by a long shot… including the devs’! It’s awesome to see we all mutually agree on this so far. We’re still receiving a lot of auditions and will close the submissions on Tuesday. Who knows, there might still be an even better Granny out there. We’ll keep you posted!


Another update on the localization/subtitle front: Woolfe writer Yasmin is currently finalizing the Dutch subtitles (and she’s super happy to be writing in her mother tongue again for a change!).  We hope to implement the Dutch version before the next update.


Alright, time for this week’s changelog.

  • Boss fight
    As you can well imagine, we worked the most on the big boss fight since last update. And it’s as good as done! We don’t want to give out any spoilers just yet (you’ll have to wait 2 more weeks for that) but maybe a little sneak peek will do. ;)
  • Toy soldier creator
    For the kickstarter backers we released a Toy Soldier Creator last week. (Yeah, sorry guys, this is for our backer army ONLY). Some people pointed out that their soldier would not save properly and was being reset every time they came back to their account. This problem has been fixed now.
  • Bugfixes
    This one is getting old, isn’t it…? There were a lot of (minor) bugs that needed fixing. The never-ending struggle. Some of the bugs we fixed include the well-known crashbug in the Forest Adrift and the not-spawning wolves after the chase.
  • Sound changes
    The pinging sound when picking up the magic orbs the enemies drop have been changed to something more… pleasing. We’ve also added ambient sounds in the forest, by the lake and in the city.
  • New death animation
    We have a new animation for Red for when she’s killed by grinders. Oh joy!
  • Story mode walk
    We realized the previous walking animation during the story-mode scenes was far too slow and was getting on everyone’s nerves. That’s now upgraded to a much better walking speed.
  • Chapter select boss fight
    You’ll now be able to directly select your boss fight in the chapter select option without having to go through the previous level to get there.
  • Combat balancing
    We worked on balancing the health and magic drops during combat.
  • The fairies are back!
    Floating Islands have become a little more dangerous again. Watch your back for the fairies attack!
  • Tooltips
    We implemented some tooltips for the use of combos.
  • Main-Menu
    We found back the old forest-menu.


Alright birdies, that’s all for now!

We’ll be back on Tuesday!


Enjoy your weekend,

-The Woolfe Pack

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  1. samantha_quintero says:

    4 for granny, hands down

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