September 15th, 2014

The Jury had a TERRIBLE time with so much WONDERFUL fan art!


The last week Davy Penasse (Lead 3D artist) and Bram Sels (Concept Artist) have been going through over 50 beautiful works of art made by our fans.

It is amazing to see so much talent among them, but… it also made the selection process very difficult with only room for 10 fan masterpieces in our art book. The selection made by the judges is based on: professionalism (quality), originality, composition, detail, atmosphere, lighting,… We received some work in similar art styles, selection between these submissions was the most difficult as we wanted to show as much visually different work as possible.

Again, we would like to thank everyone that entered the competition! We are truly honored by your passion and skill. If you are not selected here, it does not mean we don’t love your work… the quality of submissions is so much higher than we could ever have hoped for… THANK YOU! You will all receive a free copy of the game! The winners will also receive a physical copy of the Woolfe Art Book.


The winners in random order:

  • Natasha G (USA)
  • Jonathan C. (Italy)
  • Ana S. (Venezuela)
  • Lino D. (Belgium)
  • Fernando A. (Argentina)
  • Vendl N. (Russia)
  • Kaddson (Russia)
  • Kitsune A. (Argentina)
  • Karel D.H. (Belgium)
  • Helena M. (Russia)

NEW CONTEST: Public favorites

We realize the results of this selection will trigger mixed emotions, even within our own team we could not always agree with the judges choice…  so we decided to add an extra category: the public favorites!

We’re adding 3 more works to the art book. You get to decide which ones!

Visit our Facebook album “ARTBOOK FAN ART CONTEST 2014” and like your favorite Fan Art Images. The images with the most likes that are not already included in our own selection will also be added to the Woolfe Art Book.
Make sure to hit that “LIKE” button before Friday September 19th, 12 pm CEST (3 am PDT). All votes registered after that deadline will be discarded. We will announce the winners that same day, so the lucky three can celebrate over the weekend!




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