Concept art contest (Twitch)

September 8th, 2014


Last week we did a fun livestream on Twitch, counting down to the end of our Kickstarter campaign. Nearly 2000 viewers joined us for this festive two hour broadcast, which was really cool. During the stream, we read some story, designed some levels and… had one of our artists create a live concept art sketch. Which we threw in as a giveaway to those who could answer the following question:

Why did we name the city in the Woolfe universe ‘Ulrica’?

Many contestants replied that it was because Woolfe Senior named the city after his wife. That was indeed why HE named the city so. But WE chose Ulrica because this woman’s name means “Power of the Wolf / Wolf Ruler / Wolf power”. We admit is was a tricky one, but hey: we did receive four correct answers, so it wasn’t impossible :-)


We let GRIN’s most innocent hands (the girls’ hands, obviously) draw a name out of these four and are happy to announce The Winner:

Emma Piconnet, you will soon be the proud proprietor of this one of a kind piece of Woolfe art. Make some room on your wall!

Congrats to Emma and thanks everyone for playing, and for joining our livestream last week!

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