September 8th, 2014


And we, that’s you and us, obviously. Your support has been heartwarming: thanks, a thousand times thanks for being our cheer squad, our backers, our help line, our inspiration and our motivation to make Woolfe the best we possibly can. This past month has been an amazing journey, but -frankly- we’re also glad we’ve reached the finish of this marathon. Time to get some sleep, and to get back to what we do best: making games. We’ve got a deadline to make. And a lot of magic to pour into the project!

Missed our Twitch?

We’ve just finished a two hour livestream on Twitch,where we celebrated the final Kickstarter countdown with our fans. You couldn’t make it? No worries, you can watch the entire ‘party’ online soon. Check it out if you’re up for some Woolfe exclusives, such as previously unreleased gameplay, some live concept drawing, level design and environment creation and a highly exclusive story introduction. As for the giveaway… sorry, folks, that ship has sailed :-)

Follow-up for backers 

Over the past few days, we’ve received a lot of questions concerning pledges and add-ons. As already mentioned in the comments, we will launch a survey after the campaign closes, for follow-up of your contributions and rewards. We’ll be working with for this. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Paypal closing time 

Despite popular demand, our Paypal will close along with the Kickstarter campaign. We’re just too small a team to keep dividing our attention between the game and the support and logistics that come with keeping the account up and running. BUT… we understand that you all want to lay your hands on our beautiful hardcover artbook the posters and deluxe box, so we’ve decided to open an online store in the near future. If you’d like us to keep you posted on that, follow our Facebook page or subscribe to the mailinglist at

So. This is it.

We thank you again.

We’re a happy team.

And you’re the coolest fans, ever!

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