Let’s Play Woolfe (85% FUNDED)

August 24th, 2014

Want to know the craziest thing that happened to us at Gamescom?

The last day, 20 minutes before the end of the event a guy with a mask visited our booth. He told us he backed our game and said he really liked where we’re going with our non-indie-ish design of the game. Turns out it was “Gronkh“… WTH? Germany’s biggest Tuber… Check him on FB and Youtube! We sent him the first steam key to download our Gamescom demo… let’s see what happens… *shitting our pants for the possible reactions*

Here it is, hot off the press, released a few minutes ago (in German):

After that, we started sending out some more keys to selected press and let’s players. The results are starting to appear and it’s very heartwarming to see their first impressions…

Check out some of these “Let’s Players” having Woolfe demo fun:

English (DAZ GAMES): 

German (TRASHTAZMANI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX3P4Zh51CE

Italian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ald8vcofX4M

French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKXd0hMbgiM

LIVE Q&A Twitch stream – Reddit AMA

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking us to do a Twitch stream to show off some of the Woolfe gameplay from our Gamescom demo and give you guys and girls a chance to talk to the developers. Yesterday we did a quick test and I think we’re ready!

We’ll do our first LIVE Q&A broadcast on:

Sunday 24th at: 9h30 PM CET / 12h30 PM PDT

Follow the Woolfe Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/WoolfeGame

Reddit: Ask Me Anything!

Right after our Twitch stream we’ll also do a Reddit AMA on http://www.reddit.com/r/IAMA/ This should start at about: 10h30 PM CET / 13h30 PM PDT also Sunday the 24th of August

Remember: only Backers get an in-game Toy Soldier!

Some people may not realize it, but by backing Woolfe you are in a way becoming part of the game. Every backer gets their own Toy Soldier to customize and improve and we will not be allowing the creation of more Toy Soldiers after our Kickstarter! Your Soldier will be one of the enemies that every single player of Woolfe will be fighting…


You can get additional game keys for your friends who might not have a credit card for just $9.00

Localisation by Fans!

We’ve started getting some fans that are really taking the time to help us out. Here are some video’s with subtitles made by the community! THANK YOU!!!

Russian substitles (by WarmDimensions):

Spanish subtitles (by: Be March):

By the way, if you’re doing anything special to help us out too, let us know! We’ll love you forever and put you in the spotlight too!

Physical Rewards???

Yessss!!! As soon as we reach 100% We don’t want to cut in the development budget :)

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