Steam Greenlight

February 14th, 2014

Tonight’s a Full Moon… Woolfe is howling for Steam Greenlight!

We’ve been asked quite a few times if Woolfe will be available on Steam.
We’ve always answered, we hope so…
Now YOU decide!


Specially for the occasion we made a new teaser video, showing more previously unreleased footage than ever before. There’s still a lot of rough spots in there. Remember, the game is by no means finished yet! All the footage has been rendered in game so if you look hard you will find imperfections…


Since mid 2012, every developer that wants its game on Steam has to pass a public voting system. Users/gamers actually get the power to choose which games will be available on the platform. For us as developers, this is quite a scary thing… After working long and passionately on a game and when you’re finally getting closer to something you feel is worth sharing, it’s time the moment of truth… A last stand before the grand jury.

You can not believe the anticipation we are feeling, our hands are sweaty and our knees are trembling. Will the comments and reactions uplift us and inspire us to surpass our own expectations? Or will we be clubbed to death, disillusioned and forced to wake up from the dream of independence we’ve been living in the past year.

How can you help?

There is only one way… go to our Steam Greenlight page, click YES, then open Facebook/Twitter/… and spam all your friends to do the same! :)


One Response to “Steam Greenlight”

  1. bakkelun says:

    “I’m hoping for a green light at the end of the tunnel” – I see what you did there.
    Other notes: That voice actor is imo just way wrong for Red. The music is also too jaunty/flimsy for a dark revenge tale. It’s a great tune, no doubt, but feels off in this setting (unless you’re aiming for a more theatrical, non-serious vibe)

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